Louis Rose: Boxing His Way Up to A Greek (Video)

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Louis Rose tells us his story from homeless to a professional boxer and how he ended up adopted by his Greek coach, Panayotis (Peter) Carabatsos. Today, he is fighting Paul Mendez. Watch it on Fox Sports 1 at 7pm PST.

When Louis was a young boy wondering around the tough neighborhoods of Los Angeles there were two things he could not imagine: that he will be a professional fighter and that he would be “part of the Greek community,” as he puts it during our interview.

While Golden Dawn in Greece highly discriminates against people of color, most Greeks try to include people in their culture and pass it on to them. Panayiotis Carabatsos who is now Louis’ coach and a father figure for him is one of these Greeks who share their heritage and help others, without looking at their ethnicity or race.

“They [Golden Dawn] do not represent me and my Greek heritage. When they killed Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek rapper, I explained to Louis the situation in Greece,” sais Panayiotis.

Louis never had his parents as part of his life. He grew up mostly with his aunt, and moved from one relatives house to another, as well as sleep in his car, when he was homeless.

“My life before I met Peter and Hanah, was horrible.” says Louis who suddenly saw his life changing.

“Me and my wife, we do not have kids, and we were thinking to adopt a small baby, instead we adopted a big black baby,” says Panayiotis.. and they both crack up laughing.

It is hard to understand the relationship of these two individuals that are united by passion for boxing, while living at the same house as a family! Maybe the best explanation is what they said  – that “they fell in love at first sight!”

Watch the exclusive interview with Louis Rose and Panayiotis Carabatsos:

Panayiotis came to Los Angeles more than a decade ago and now owns Ulysses Voyage, one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Los Angeles, however, he never forgot his love for boxing.  A former amateur fighter, after he established his business he started scouting to manage talent. This is when he met Louis.

The two met at a boxing club in Southern California when Panayiotis went to see an athlete and possibly sign him to his 300 Boxing Club. Instead of the guy he was suppose to sign, he loved the work of the guy he was sparring with that day, Louis Rose.

Louis was living in a living room and sleeping on a sofa, small enough for cats to lay on. Soon enough after Panayiotis had bought him a bed he invited him to stay in his house and be part of his family.

“From my past life the hardest thing was when I was abused, from my new life the hardest thing is staying away from the sweets…” says Louis who has to abide by Panayiotis rules which include a strict diet.

Today Louis lives with Panayiotis and his Korean wife, Hannah.

“Since I am 24 hours a day around a Greek, I feel I am part of the Greek community,” says the fighter who has already picked up Greek words after living for three years in a Greek household.

“I love the food and one day I would love to go to Greece and showcase my skills.”

Louis’ career as a professional boxer looks more than promising. He is a rising California middleweight prospect who has upset two unbeaten fighters and surprised the crowd. Rose suddenly defeated Gino McClellan, Delen Parsley and Akil Auguste in succession, fighters with a combined record of 21-0.

He is signed to Panayiotis’ 300 Boxing Club.

“I am number 299 of the Spartans! The name represents me a little and i know it represents Panayiotis’ 100%,” said Louis.

Louis Rose is fighting Paul Mendez on October 28th in Redwood City, CA. His outfit will be half-Greek and  half-American. The fight will be televised from Fox Sports 1 at 7pm PST.


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