Ancient Greek Exhibits in Dallas Museum of Art

anc greekAn international touring exhibition will be presented until October 6 at the Dallas Museum of Art revolving around and celebrating the human body and its depiction in ancient Greek and Roman art. The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece: Masterworks from the British Museum presents 120 objects from the British Museum’s famed collection of Greek and Roman art.
The famed masterpieces of art present ancient Greeks’ admiring attitude towards the human body and humanity, both of which were typical features of the ancient Greek culture. Iconic marble and bronze sculptures, fine painted pottery, funerary monuments, terracotta, and gold jewelry are among the treasures that explore the human form, across three millenniums of Greek civilization.
According to, the exhibition highlights work from both ancient Greece and Rome, for Greek culture and art flourished during Roman times. Romans collected works from Greece, and when originals were not available, they commissioned versions of Greek works, at times commissioning portraits of themselves that placed their features on a Hellenistic-inspired sculpture.
The exhibition features ten thematic sections presenting the historic course and ways in which the ancient Greeks depicted the human form, from prehistoric Cycladic figures to Roman genre sculptures. Some of the highlights of the exhibition include the Diskovolos and a model from Ancient Olympia accompanied by a video footage about the Olympic Games sites of ancient Greece and the way athletic events were depicted.


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