Erika Spyropoulos Honored For Philanthropy

Spyropoulou“For Erika Spyropoulos, philanthropy and art is an expression of reciprocation to Hellenism, which was the basis of her inspiration and her life,” stressed the President of the Hellenic-American Educators Federation, Stella Kokolis, during the event held in New York in honor of  Spyropoulos by the Educators Federation, the Greek Teachers Association, Prometheus, and the Hellenic American Women’s Council (HAWC).

As Kokolis said, “With this event, we, the expatriate educators, begin our campaign for the financial aid of schools having urgent needs in Greece.”

The audience was thrilled by the students of the Greek American School in Brooklyn, Plato, who presented a theatrical excerpt from the play Brides, an adaptation by the school’s director Eleftheria Ikouta from Pantelis Voulgaris’ homonymous film,.

Erika Spyropoulos – the wife of the renowned expatriate Theodore Spyropoulos- noted that “We must all turn our attention to Greece and Cyprus and demonstrate in practice our solidarity.” She stressed that Hellenism is an unsurpassed set of values that we must not only keep alive, but make an act of life for a better world.”

The organizers referred extensively to the honoree’s multifaceted personality and her virtuous humanitarian and social work.


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