Getty Museum Will Host Greek Art

charioteer of moziaGreek bronze artworks will be shown at the Getty Museum in California in 2015 as part of a promotion to showcase Greece through a series of events in the American museum, such as banquets and lectures by Greek Byzantinologists as part of the exhibit Heaven and Earth.

The Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections was among the subjects that concerned the Secretary General of Culture, Lina Mendoni during her recent trip to the U.S.A. She told the Greek news agency AMNA that the exhibits were ‘are on the right track as the contacts with the American museum concerned, except for the big exhibition on Byzantium which will be held from April until August 2014, the activation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2011 between the Ministry of Culture and the Getty Museum”.

She said that, “A series of actions on issues about the maintenance of artworks are provided. A typical example is the Motya Charioteer, whose maintenance was recently done in the laboratories of the American museum, which are considered among the best of the world.”

In the context of the cultural agreement between Getty and Sicily, the statue was involved in an 18-month maintenance program in the laboratories of the museum, where – among others – the statue acquired an anti-seismic base, which will also accompany it at the Mozia Museum.

This artwork is one of the finest surviving examples of ancient Greek sculpture. It is dated between 470 and 460 B.C. and was discovered in 1976 in the ancient city of Motya (Mozia), located in a small island west of Sicily. It traveled to Greece in 2004 for the exhibition at the Museum of Cycladic Art, Magna Graecia: Athletics and the Olympic spirit in the periphery of the Greek world. Southern Italy and Sicily, in the framework of the Cultural program of the Olympic Games 2004.

The “renewed” artwork was also exhibited at the British Museum in 2012 as part of the London Olympics. From April 3 – August 19, it will have a prominent place in the exhibition Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome, where 150 ancient objects will be presented by museums and institutes of Sicily. The exhibition will take place at the Getty Museum.

The exhibition Heaven and Earth. Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections, is organized by the Secretary General of Culture in cooperation with the Benaki Museum and two prominent American museums, where the statue will be presented: the National Gallery of Art in Washington (October 2013-March 2014) and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles ( April-August 2014).


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