Tango Acropolis 2013 Goes to USA

tangoUnder the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of Greece, the Hellenic Commission of UNESCO and the Embassy of Argentina in Greece, Tango Acropolis is about to start a world tour.

Hosting Milongas without Borders, Tango Acropolis will bring a unique tango experience to audiences around the globe with performances scheduled to take place in Washington, DC, New York, London, Berlin, Rome, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo.

During its tour, Tango Acropolis will be conducting Tango workshops and feature performances by the members of Tango Acropolis along with an opportunity for friends of Tango from around the world to be able to dance socially on the dance floor. In Washington, DC, Tango Acropolis will feature a Tango fashion show and two photography exhibits.

The goal of Tango Acropolis is to bring the elements of Tango Argentino along with Greece’s rich cultural heritage to major cities worldwide with enticing performances and exhibits full of energy and grace. The Tango Acropolis 2013 World Tour will culminate in an unprecedented global gathering at the base of the archaeological site of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece with the 1st Tango Meeting For Humanity, set to take place July 5 -7.

It will be made up of grand milonga, a place for tango dancing, and a gala honoring participants of the Tango Acropolis 2013 World tour. It is a live invitation to bring tango communities from around the world to Athens, designed to connect the world through the Argentinian cultural treasure of the Tango dance.

The dancers include Luis Alberto and Elena Mestre, founders of Tango Acropolis, Chloe and Dionissis Theodoropoulos, winners of the Tango Acropolis 2012 competition in the Escenario category. Dancers from the U.S. include Carlos tangomaparetroGutierrez, Sara Noughi, Carlos Jemio and Marina Kholesneva.

The Tango Acropolis photo exhibitions will showcase the artwork of a photographer from Argentina who resides in Washington, Eddie Arrossi, and Greek photographer Alexandros Troupis.

The Tango fashion show will present Tango clothes provided by Condiva.gr, the exclusive distributor in Greece of the famous brand of tango-dancing shoes Comme Il Faut. Zoe Kosmidou,  Cultural Minister at the Greek Embassy in Washington, will offer opening remarks at the event.


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