Babis Brings Greek Food to Alaska

1In one of the coldest cities in Alaska, where the winter temperature can reach up to -45 degrees Celsius, one Greek immigrant has created his own Greek corner and brought the taste of Greek cooking with him.

Charalambos Nicolaides, who said he’s the only Greek to live in the second largest city of Alaska, Fairbanks, has opened Babis Restaurant, which he started with his sister Rena, to offer Greek food is drawing the crowds.

Nicolaides, who spoke with the Giorgos Papadakis talk show, described life in the cold hinterlands where darkness can last half the year. He said his restaurant can hold up to 300 people if needed who are given the chance to enjoy Greek cuisine and of course Greek souvlaki with tzatziki, which he highlighted that he makes with the Greek yogurt Fage, which is also produced in New York factories.

Babis, as they call him, was born in Germany and grew up until the age of 13 with his grandparents in a village outside the city of Larissa. Then his parents took him with them, in America. But he finally chose to live in the city, which, he says, has treated him with kindness and compassion being the only Greek who lives there.


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