John Hopkins Greek Group Offers Tuition Help

john hopkinsA group of Greek students studying at Johns Hopkins University, based in Baltimore, has organized a series of activities, to promote an initiative aiming at assisting any student who needs money to pursue his studies.

Many of the members of Johns Hopkins Hellenic Students Association have spent their time helping create a network of information and assistance to anyone searching for a job. According George Petrohilos George, head of the association, the project will help students or graduates looking for a job in the U.S.

Many students are dealing with serious financial problems, something that is leaving many of them unable to pay tuition and fees which is more than $57,000 a year.

“This project is an effort to help young people find a job in order to pursue their studies . The individual commitment turned into a group effort through the Hellenic Students Association which now includes 65 members” Petrohilos added.

Although he is only 22, Petrohilos was graduated from the Economic and Business Administration Faculty and during his studies managed to create a wide network of contacts with businessmen and politicians in the U.S.A. Based on their support he has developed various actions including the idea of investing in Greece, supported by Aris Melissaratos, former finance chief for the state of Maryland.


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