Cretan Wines Top CNN’s List

rethymnoThe U.S. cable news channel, CNN is back to promote Crete as an ideal holiday and tourist destination. The island is included in CNN’S list of areas producing the best wines, a few days after Europeans were intoxicated with Cretan wine.

A recent report by journalist, Natasha Dragun, notes a list of ten most interesting destinations for 2013 where Crete is at the top along with Iceland, Liverpool, Corsica, Berlin, and Insburg, Austria. Crete is included in the list due to the uniqueness of its landscape, which offers many wonderful experiences.

The growth of wine production and the excellent wines produced on the island with several varieties such as Dafni, Vidiano, Vilana, Kotsifali, is specially highlighted on the list. Crete is developing a reputation as one of the region’s finest wine producers, with a growing catalog of abundant native grape varieties. Cretan wines were also presented in the European Parliament last November, at ceremonies headed by MEP Spyros Danellis, impressing everyone who tasted them


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