SAE Moves Toward Self-Reliance

spuropoulos_saeThe Presidium of the Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE), elected in December 2006 within the framework of the sixth World SAE Convention held in Thessaloniki, has no longer been offering its services to immigrants since Dec. 31, 2012. Over these six years, the political leadership changed three times, said the agency’s coordinator in the U.S., Theodore Spyropoulos.

The main theme of reclaiming the Bureau of the organization, said Spyropoulos was to change the existing Law 3480/2006., organization, function and responsibilities of SAE and other provisions.

In a statement Spyropoulos analyzed the new SAE legislation, and highlighted its main advantages, such as its economic independence and self-reliance as well as political independence and the ability to represent all immigrants interested. He said the new law essentially strengthens Greeks Abroad, as they are now responsible for their self-organization.

Spyropoulos noted that: “since 2010, SAE has been essentially inactive, not only because of financial reasons but also because of a series of charges to postpone the convening of statutory regional and regular meetings”.


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