Greek Yogurt for Obama Inauguration

ΦΑΓΕGuests at President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebrations will be able to get a taste of Greece too, as the Greek-style yogurt Chobani, which is made in New York, and the Fage brand from Greece will be served to guests before the Presidential Inaugural Luncheon, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said. Fage’s American supplies are made in Fulton County west of Albany and Chobani is made in Chenango County southeast of Syracuse. Schumer said the yogurt will be available throughout the Capitol in the hours leading up to the ceremony on Jan. 21. Vanilla and plain yogurt will be served with strawberries, pineapples, pears and granola toppings.It will be a duel of sorts as well, as Chobani has overtaken Fage quickly to become the most popular Greek-style yogurt after an aggressive campaign its Kurdish-American owner Hamdi Ulukaya has conducted. Fage also has decided to move its headquarters out of Greece to avoid tax increases.

Americans are becoming enamored of Greek yogurts, which are thick and rich compared to the watery versions that are made in the U.S. by rival companies.



  1. It’s not about what’s made by “U.S. rival companies,” it’s the kind of milk. A real Greek would know this. Also note Chobani is owned by a Kurd of Turkish extraction. Only Fage is the real deal.

    • Yes, you are correct about the milk but you are incorrect about Fage being the real deal. Fage USA DOES NOT use Greek milk as the yogurt is produced in the US from US cow’s milk. NOT the real deal – knock off. :)

    • If you are talking about Fage Greece that is a different story as it is using Greek cow’s milk and in the US, Fage USA is using American cow’s milk. It might look the same but it does not taste the same.

    • Read my lips – Fage USA, Chobani, Danone, Yoplait are all Greek “”STYLE”” yogurts. They are NOT authentic as they CANNOT as they are not PDO (Protected Designated Origin). You cannot use the name Feta on a salted cheese product in the EU as it is a PDO name but in the US no one enforces the law. You want to taste “authentic” PDO Greek yogurt, buy yourself some Olympus at Whole Foods and you will see the taste difference.


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