Pap Test Could Detect Other Cancers

test-papA team of scientists in the United States, including Nikolaos Papadopoulos from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said they believe the Pap test, named for famed Greek doctor Giorgos Papanikolaou to determine cervical cancer, can be used to trace the likelihood of of ovarian, endometrial and other gynecological cancers.

The researchers, led by Isaac Kind from John Hopkins, had their research published in the medical journal Science Translational Medicine. The new approach piggybacks on routine Pap testing. “Pap smears have had a tremendous impact in reducing the rate of cervical cancer in the United States,”Andrea Myers of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute said.

The developing Pap is expected to cost $ 100 (like DNA testing for the diagnosis of HPV that causes cervical cancer), though the cost is expected to be cut when its use extends and after the improvement of the genetic analysis technology of the specimens.



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