Crete CNN Top Ten Destination

crete-12The American news network CNN has reported that the island of Crete is one of the ideal vacation spots this year and rates high among regions with the best wines. The island made it into CNN’s Top 10 holiday destinations for 2013, the year it marks a century of union with Greece.

Crete is hot now, with its agricultural products and wines highly sought-after in foreign markets. It is competing for tourists with Iceland, Liverpool, Corsica, Berlin, and Innsbruck in Vienna.

According to CNN, Crete is developing a reputation as one of the region’s finest wine producers, with a growing catalog of extremely drinkable native grape varieties: Vilana and Vidiano, Dafni and Kotsifali, Mandilari and Thrapsathiri.

Many of the vineyards are wedged between languid towns where predictably good tavernas dish up uncomplicated, but classic, Cretan fare for a handful of euros. Combined with the island’s reputation for foods that comprise the healthiest diet in the world, it’s not a surprise visitors find it attractive.


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