New Rules for Ιllegal Immigrants

immigrant-visa-form (1)The Federal Government under Barack Obama announced the new immigration rules according to which hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, close relatives of U.S. citizens, can stay in the country with their families, and on their free will become legal US residents.

These new rules announced by U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, are a relief for people at risk to be deported. Until now, many illegal immigrants feared that in their effort to obtain legitimate documents to stay in the U.S., known as green cards, they would be obliged to leave the country, their spouses and children. As a result many of them do not submit an application at all.

Illegal immigrants who can prove they have a spouse, child or parent who is a U.S. citizen, will be able to apply for a U.S. residence visa without being forced to leave the country. In the event the application is accepted, applicants will have to go to their homeland in order to receive their visas.

According to federal Government sources, the government is likely to extend these changes including relatives who are legal residents of the U.S. country.


  1. Reminds me of the Pasok socialists that legalized illegals. It only accelerated the number of illegals streaming in (since all an illegal had to do is sneak in and wait for the leftists to give them citizenship and services.

    In short, this is a terrible law that will only lead to a flood of more illegals in the US. A country that wants to thrive has to pick good candidates for citizenship not people that disrespectfully break the law by violating sovereign borders.

        • Read more. Talk less.

          “South Africa Deports Nearly 43 000 Zimbabweans”

          • I see Alex everywhere here saying same thing about immigrants,it makes me laugh because this same immigrants in Greece are in hell fire.No job,no paper even to move out to a better place like most of Greeks does now. i think your government will make them great favour by sending them home. there is no future for immigrants in Greece.

    • Everybody needs somebody;but if you think because Greeks are so special, i will think then you are racist… Immigrants and the children of immigrants are the ones that made the USA an advanced country in science and medicine and in so many other fields and all because they were accepted into it as humans and not because of their ethnic background. Just like my scientist husband. You could not speak a word of English when he landed at Ellis Island. The USA benefited tremendously from his talents. The kids in this video that are speaking Greek could end up being the biggest benefactors of Greece, more than any “ethnic Greek” could ever imagine. Give them a chance. They may be the ones that will save the country from its many problems.

      about an hour ago..


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