Epirotes Abroad Blast Berisha’s “Greater Albania”

Members of the Epirotes World CouncilThe World Council of Epirotes Abroad condemned Albania Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s statements about a “Greater Albania,” that includes Greek territories. His remarks came ahead of celebrations to mark the centenary of his country’s independence, in Aulona, and led Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos to cancel a planned visit.

“We were surprised to hear about Mr. Sali Berisha’s nationalistic remarks, which we condemn,” the World Council of Epirotes Abroad stated. “At these moments that all Europe makes efforts to fight racism and nationalism, which is developing increasingly, the Prime Minister of Albania adds fuel in the fire making these without precedent comments in regard to ‘a Greater Albania,’ posing in this way a huge problem to the diplomatic efforts on behalf of Greece for greater neighborly relations with Albania.”

The Panepirotic Federation of Australia joined in the condemnation. It said in a statement: “The Northern Epirus Greeks living in Albanian territories, feel at such moments that they are not sheltered. In these regions where Northern Epirus Greeks are living, and which are included legally in Greek territories, there is an intense Anti-Greek action terrifying them. The Panepirotic Federation of Australia urges the Prime Minister of Albania to revoke (his comments) since in this country, Greeks are and will always be a timeless reality.”



  • eric

    greek genocide against albanian chams will never be forgaten..greeks are murders who committed genocide against albanian chams

    • hankz

      Albanian genocide against the Greeks of Northern Epirus.. Free Northern Epirus..

  • hankz

    Albanians are warmongers, look what happened in Serbia, and the discrimination of Greeks in Northern Epirus and don’t forget that The Albanian flag which has the double-headed eagle is a rip-off from the Byzantine flag which was also used as a family crest by George Kastriotis (Skanderbeg) who is Half Greek and half Serbian and not an Albanian as they claim him to be..

    • What in the [email protected]#%^g world are you smoking?

      Now Gjergj Kastrioti is Greek and serbian!!!!!

      You are sick disgusting and fake ignorant moron.

      • hankz

        LOL.. Read you history correctly, George Kastriotis (Skanderbeg) never ever said he is Albanians but an Epirotus, he spoke Greek and Latin and never Albanian, born a Greek Orthodox converted to Islam and then a Catholic, he commanded a rebel group of Albanians and Greeks against the Ottomans and stopped the invading armies reaching Venice..

        • You are ignorant.

          • hankz

            – ORIGIN – Grandfather of his was Konstatninos Kastriotis (+ 1390), sovereign of Imathia and Kastoria (hence the name Kastoriotis, Kastrjotis). Son of Konstantinos was Ioannis Kastriotis, the sovereign of Krougias (Kroias),with spouse his Serb wife Voisava. They brought in the life 9 children:5 daughters and 4 sons, with last one in the line (1404) the ”Georgios Kastriotis (Skanderbeg)”.

          • hankz

            •Marini Barletii, his first Biographer from the Skodra (beginnings 16th
            AD), him calls “Epirote prince” and “Sovereign of Epirus”, while entire
            biography is reported only in Epirotes and never in Albanians.
            • Also, himself Georgios Kastriotis addressing to the sovereign of TarantaIoannis Antonio and giving out his origin and his genuine feelings, writes(in Greek of course): “my forefathers were Epirotes from which Pyrrhus rose that only the Romans could push back.
            •Similarly as a descendant of Epirotes and not of the Illyrians he mentions in his letter to the Italian Ursini in 1460.
            • Still to the King Alfonso, monarch of Aragon, Naples and Sicily he writes(in Greek of course): “The shining and mighty king Alfonso, monarch of Aragon, Naples and Sicily Skenderbeis hails and wishes well “.
            • Speaking in the presence of the Pope Paul B he stresses: “After the subjection of Asia and Greece, after the slaughter of her hegemonic spawns of Constantinople , the Trapezounta … and the desolation of biggest part of Macedonia and Epirus, against the savage conqueror that seeks to ruin the cross the cross, and elevate on the Capitol the crescent and fulfillment of slavery of all the world … alone i stand with the relic of my soldiersand with my small territory…”.
            • He had Greek Education and spoke the Greek Language, after by his Letters were sent written in the Greek language.
            • Moreover the All Turkish biographer of Ali Pasha of Ioannina, Ahmet
            Moyfjt, writes for Georgios Kastriotis: “in the year 1443 he escaped
            from the Ottoman camp of Morava the Greek sovereign Kastriotis and went to the seat of his ancestors, the Kroia”.
            • Italian, English and Swedish reports consider Georgios Kastriotis a Greek. Thus Italian A. Salvi in the tragedy of (1718) he mentions him as a Greek (Greco Georgios Kastriotis). The English C. Randall in 1810 him calls Greek Hero (Grecian Hero) and the Swedish Barrau initially and Rudbeck later (1835) considers the Georgios Kastriotis a Greek.
            • The History of French of historical Paganel (Paganel: Histoire de Scanderbey), that was published in Paris in 1855 about him says he is evidently a Greek.
            • Want also a Albanian admission of Greek Epirote origin of Georgios
            Kastriotis The Albanian stamp of 1968, supplementing that year 500 years from his death, presents the cover of mentioned before History of Barletii, that is entered in this clearly, that was Epirote prince
            (Epirotarum Principis) and not Albanian or Illyrian. It writes the
            • Consequently, equitably Danish Franz Nte Zesse’n, military
            correspondent of the newspaper “Le Temps of” Paris, doubts for the
            Albanian origin of Georgios Kastriotis, stressing in his lecture:
            “Question is, if also this Georgios Kastriotis is able to be considered
            Albanian, after he was son of Greek of Ioannis Kastriotis
            Not even word, especially from the same KASTRIOTIS about anything Albanian or something similar.

          • I’ve read stupid, ignorant and pathetic comments, but i have to say:

            Congratulation, you are champion of all of them.

            PS. Sooner rather then later Chameria is going to join Albania.

        • hankz

          George Kastriotis (Skanderbeg) never ever said he was Albanians but an Epirotus, he spoke Greek and Latin and never Albanian, born a Greek Orthodox converted to Islam and then a Catholic, he commanded a rebel group of Albanians and Greeks against the Ottomans and stopped the invading armies reaching Venice..

    • hankz


  • epirotarum warior

    albania was known as epirus in geographical term so that’s why marlin barleti wrote about skanderbeg epirotarum prince you greeks have to give us back the south epirus epirus is albania our frontier is the straigt of preveza we want south epirus back we want preveza janina arta parga gumenica kosturi

  • epirotarum warior

    the strait of preveza is the border between albania and greece you should know that epirus is albania

  • youcantchanewhatyouareinside

    I feel sad for albania orthodoxs that want to be greek. the funny thing before the turks invaded albania. non of you said u where greek. Only because most of the population end it up converting to muslim the ones that stayed orthodoxs connected more with the greeks through the church. and ofcurse the orthodoxs church manipulated them by telling them u greek not albania. the albanians are muslims. The arvanitis (albanlian orthodoxs) that live in greece today hate to be call albania. But Arvanitis is the world that greeks call albanians in the 14 century. The turks still call albanias Arnauti today, most likely they got it form the greeks when they came in europe

  • panmetronariston

    Albania needs to pay Fascist-War crime reparations to Greece !!
    Greece should issued an International arrest warrant with
    Name List against all War criminal Albanian Cams (Tsiamides) in Albania !!
    and bring the War criminals to the international court of justice in

    Den haag.

  • panmetronariston

    G e n o c i d e !!
    War-crimes of Turkalbanians Chams /Tsamides against Greek Population
    in Epirus !!

  • yanni

    skenderbegs brother is buried in hilander mt athos arbanasi (albanian) section