Superstorm Sandy Tears House Apart

John Zois, 34, and his girlfriend Meredith Schwarzber watched their dream house turn into a magnet for photographers from various US media agencies showing off the devastating powers of Hurricane Sandy. The once called Princess Cottage of Union Beach, N.J., is now torn into half, with one side hanging on thin air and the bricks spread all over the yard in a post-apocalyptic manner.

Photos of the 150-year-old house appeared on the cover of the current issue of Newsweek and on Wall Street Journal. Zois noted in his interview to the media that this house was supposed to be a shelter where his family would be raised.

Superstorm Sandy devastated over 200 houses in the coastal town of Union Beach, and the famous ruins of Zois’ house now drew the public attention to the damaged city.

Last week the Zois family came to Union Beach with two architects and a contractor to see what damage has been done and what parts of the house can be restored. The experts were optimistic about the house’s reconstruction and suggested to rebuild it with all safety measures proposed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


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