Delta Airlines: ‘No More Direct Flights to Athens From USA’

From this autumn on, it is expected that there might not be any direct flights from Greece to the USA and vice versa. Obviously, this might have a negative impact on Greek attempts to attract tourists from the USA.

Greek Olympic Air stopped its direct flights to the American continent in 2009. Since then, one more airline company, Continental, followed in Olympic Air’s steps.

The only company left offering direct flights from Athens to the USA is Delta Airlines, which recently announced its official decision to stop this itinerary soon.

On the other hand, US Airways intends to start direct flights from Philadelphia to Athens, but only from June to autumn.

According to the Herald Tribune newspaper, Delta Airlines, the only company offering direct flights on a daily basis from New York’s JFK airport to the Greek capital’s airport Eleftherios Venizelos, decided to stop its flights to Greece right after October 26, 2012.


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