Chian-American Community Provides Aid To The Needy Of Chios Island In Greece

Nikos Poulis, along with the President of Chian Federation, Vaggelis Kavvadas, and other prominent members of the Chian-American Community announced the establishment of the “Help Chios Relief Fund” during a press conference at the Chian House in Astoria last Thursday.

“The fund was established to raise money to help feed and clothe the impoverished people of Chios. 100% of the donations will go to the food pantries (sisitia) run by Metropolitan Markos of Chios, Psara and Inousses”, as ‘GreekNews’ reports.

The response of the Chian Community to the call of the committee was immediate. “The phone calls started coming, and within a short period of time over $30,000 was raised. Money continues to come in”, Polulis said.

“We want to warmly and sincerely thank all those that strongly supported the Relief Fund effort from the first moments…anonymously. You are truly philanthropists and you are what make the world a better place”, Poulis concluded.



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