“Documentary History of Greece: 1943-1951, Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan” Book Presented At The US House of Representatives

Director of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Photini Tomai discussed her latest book entitled “Documentary History of Greece: 1943-1951, Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan”  on the 6th of March at the US House of Representatives in Washington.

The volume is comprised of 181 documents relating to the American aid made available to Greece, amongst other European countries, after the Second World War. Along with the economic reconstruction of the country, which was given primacy in the prologue to the decision taken by the American Congress, it traces the political, social and military implications of the implementation of the economic recovery program extended throughout Greece, especially after the Civil War.

The event was organized by the American Hellenic Institute in cooperation with the Embassy of Greece.

Photini Tomai joined the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs 30 years ago, where for more than 15 years she has served as the Director of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives. Since 1998, when she edited together with Professor Thanos Veremis the volume “Records on the History of Greek Jews”, she has been responsible within the Ministry for the documentation of the Holocaust through state sources and the support of relevant academic research.

She is also a prominent author, having published several scientific studies, novels and children’s books. Thomai is a member of the Advisory Council of the European Shoah Legacy Institute, a member of the Greek Delegation at the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, and national representative at the International Committee of the International Tracing Service (Bad Arolsen Archives). In October 2011, the Washington Oxi Day Foundation awarded Thomai with the first Metropolitan Chrysostomos Award, recognizing action to stop anti-Semitism or discrimination. She studied History and Archaeology at the Universities of Athens, Greece and Birmingham, UK.

The event was sponsored by the Onassis Foundation and attended by American officials and ordinary citizens. The book is also being presented at Woodrow Wilson Center on the 8th of March with James G. Hershberg, professor of history at The George Washington University, chairing the event.



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