Greek ‘Pizza Palace’ Rated Among Top Five Manhattan Pizzerias

According to “The Slice Harvester” webpage and its creator Colin Hagendorf, who managed to try out 362 different pizzas from different pizza restaurants across Manhattan in only two years, one of the top 5 places to eat pizza in downtown New York is ‘Pizza Palace’, owned by Greek Yiannis Kambouris.

The 66-year-old owner was surprised by the distinction, since neither he nor his partners knew that Hagendorf would be trying out and evaluating the taste of their pizzas.

‘Pizza Palce’ has been serving pizza for 65 years. Since 1985 it has been owned owned by Mr. Kambouris and his co-partners, while its central location on 121 Dyckman Street in Inwood has made the pizzeria popular for its quality food.

When asked if he holds some secret recipe for his pizza, Mr. Kambouris said he would not reveal it to anyone. “Pizza ingredients are always and everywhere the same. It is the secret of each ingredient, its proportion and the way of baking the pizza that make the difference in taste” said Mr. Kambouris.

Mr. Kambouris comes from the island of Kos and came to the US when he was 23 to make a life in NY.

“All my life I have been on Dyckman Street,” Kambouris told NY Daily News.

“We’re so happy for him to get this recognition. He puts a lot into that store,” Kambouri’s eldest daughter stated to the NY Daily News.


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