Professor Christos Tsolakis Admires Greek Students’ Discipline in New York

Dr. Christos Tsolakis, professor emeritus of the Paedagogical School/Department of Elementary Education/The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki during his last visit in New York said that Greek Schools in the USA can contribute to the renaissance of Greece.

Tsolakis, who attended the Annual Staff-Development Seminar of the Direct Archdiocesan District has been impressed by the Greek schools abroad and their teaching staff.

“Greeks who visit Greek schools abroad are given courage because schools in Greece are characterized by bad functioning. The renaissance of schools in Greece is essential in order Greek country to be recreated”, professor told Greek News.

During his visit in New York, Tsolakis visited the school named Vassilios Spiropoulos, the preschool ‘Georgios and Evlavia Doulaveri’and the school of Hagia Triada in Hicksville of Long Island, where he was given the chance to attend the lessons and the way that the children are being taught.

“I was surprised by the discipline of the children there and their excellent behavior. Learning requires hard work and discipline and that are the characteristics of the children of Greek Schools in New York”, Professor concluded.


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