Ted Spyropoulos to Receive Phidippides Award

Hellenic Public Radio-Cosmos FM has announced that it will present the 2011 Phidippides Award to Mr. Ted G. Spyropoulos. The award is given for passionate advocacy of Hellenism. Past recipients include director Michael Cacoyannis, composer Mikis Theodorakis and humanitarian Andrew A. Athens. The award will be presented at an event on November 5.

The award, first presented in 1994, recognizes contributions to the preservation and promotion of Hellenism internationally. The award was inspired by Phidippides, who in 490 BC requested aid of the Spartans in defending Athens from the Persians at Marathon. Phidippides is also know for running to Athens to announce the victory.


Mr. Spyropoulos, a native of Kalavryta, currently resides in Chicago. He is president of T.G.S. National Wholesalers, an automotive wholesaler that operates in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. He serves as president for A&T Oil Company, for T.G.S. Petroleum Co., Inc., and for CAM2 International Manufacturing and Marketing.


He has served leadership roles in many organizations, including AHIHANC and SAE, for which he is currently serving as USA Coordinator.   He was the president of ENOSIS of Hellenic American Organizations of Illinois, president and founder of the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, chairman and founder of the Spyropoulos Scholarship for Hellenic-American Students in Hellas and the USA, and the president of the Plant Your Roots in Greece program. Additionally, he is a founding member of Technopolis, Thrace, Hellas International, and a member of AHEPA and AGEI Hellenic Interests of Greek-Americans.




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