Dr. Harris Psomiadis Passes Away

On Saturday, the Greek American academic Dr. Harris Psomiadis passed away at age 82, after several months of battling cancer.

Harris Psomiadis was born in Boston on September 8, 1928, the child of immigrant parents, Kyriaki and Ioannis, from Pontus. He studied Political Science and worked as a professor at Columbia University in New York, where he obtained his PhD.

Dr. Psomadis served in the U.S. army, and in the reserves, he kept the title of colonel. He disagreed with the American Foreign Policy regarding Greece and Cyprus and expressed his views by writing articles in the U.S. press or by giving lectures in University Conferences. He also expressed his support for the rights of Armenians and Palestinians.

In 1974, he established himself at the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), running the center for 30 years.

Dr. Psomiadis contributed his educational and writing work to the establishment of many programs and centers for Greek studies at various universities in the USA.

Apart from writing books and studies, and giving hundreds of lectures to students and the Greek Diaspora, the professor also studied the history, heritage, and tragedy of the people from Pontus.



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