Greek Wines Make Wine and Spirits Top 50 for First Time

Several Greek wines are listed on Wine & Spirits Top 50 list. This is said to be the first time in 22 years that Greek wines have made it to the Annual Restaurant Poll list.

About the poll, Wine & Spirits Senior Editor Tara Thomas said, “We’ve been following restaurant wine trends for 22 years at Wine & Spirits through our restaurant poll. Basically, we ask beverage managers at the best restaurants across the country what their guests are drinking—and you can bet their answers rarely included Greek wines a decade ago. That began to change a few years back, but there were never enough mentions to be statistically relevant until this year, when even restaurants like Charlie Trotter’s reported having great success selling Greek wines. Boutari, Skouras and Spiropoulos in fact, made the Restaurant Top 50, the collection of the 50 most popular wines across the board. This puts them in the same company as Veuve Clicquot, Shafer, Sonoma-Cutrer, Muga, Fonseca and other enormously popular, established brands. What a coup!”

Thomas also said in the interview that “Greece has more unique varieties than any country but Italy, which makes it one of the most exciting countries for a wine lover to explore . And it also has varieties that deserve to be considered as classic as any of the more typical classics.” She also stated that Greek wines, “ought to be a source of excitement for a long time, as it’s still so much in a period of exploration and discovery, and the wines that are have already been established as great (Santorini, Naoussa, Nemea) will continue to find themselves regularly listed at top restaurants with other wines from well-established regions.”


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