Greek Scientists Find Revolutionary Medical Discovery

An injection made in patients within 12 hours after the onset of a heart attack or stroke, can significantly reduce the damage to the body, according to new scientific research. Greek researchers working abroad, specifically in the U.S., had a significant role in the new discovery.

The experiments initially made on animals have been successful and researchers are optimistic that in the future something similar will happen with humans. Scientists from Britain (Universities Leicester and King’s College London), Austria, USA (University SUNY) and Japan (from the Medical University of tortured Fukushima), as well as the Greek-American biopharmaceutical company Omeros, led by Professor Wilhelm Svemple  of the Immunology Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester, which published the study in the journal PNAS of the National Academy of Sciences, according to the UK “Intipentent ‘and’ Telegraph ‘after seven years of research, have developed an antibody which greatly limits secondary damage.

The first clinical trials in humans are programmed over the next two years, at the biomedical research unit of the hospital Gklenfilnt of Leicester.  They are in collaboration with the Omeros Corporation Seattle, which was founded by Greek, Gregory Demopoulos, who studied medicine at the Stanford University in California and currently is the president and CEO.

The company owns the exclusive worldwide copyright for the protein MASP-2, all the therapeutic antibodies for this protein and all relevant methods for treatment by inhibiting the action of this protein. Vice president and scientific director of Omeros is another Greek scholar, George Gaitanaris, a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and of Columbia University.  He later worked at the National Cancer Institute of the U.S.A. and founded the company Nura.



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