Sex & the City Cupcake Shop Founder Sued for Opening a Branch in Greece

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon eating cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery in 'Sex and the City'. Founder and former owner of the bakery Jennifer Appel is being sued for allegedly helping set up a similar store in Greece

Fans of “Sex and the City” definitely remember Carrie’s favorite cupcakes which she enjoyed at Magnolia’s bakery. Owners Steve and Tyra Abrams are suing their former partner Jennifer Appel for helping a Greek-American to open an “unauthorized” version of the bakeshop in Athens.
The couple is blaming Appel for handing over Magnolia’s concept, secrets and recipes to Greek socialite Nicole Kotovos. They say that the co-founder of Magnolia knew that Kotovos intended to open a bakery which would look like their famous shop, that has become popular with tourists visiting New York’s Upper West Side.  Appel denies the accusation and claims that she may have mentioned some of Magnolia’s secrets, but she didn’t know that the Greek woman was planning to use the shop’s name for another “branch” in Athens.
What the Abrams are now planning to do, is to get the Athens shop closed and of course stop Kotovos from using the webpage: Nicole Kotovos claims that she has never intended to use the name “Magnolia” and that her shop in Athens is called “Hamptons Cupcakes”.
She also mentioned that she hired Appel as a consultant to open that shop and nothing more.



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