San Francisco’s Hellenic-American Imports Up for Sale

After seventy years at 2365 Mission St. between 19th and 20th Streets, My Big Fat Greek Store, officially Hellenic-American Greek Imports, is up for sale.
If it is not purchased, the owner will close its doors at the end of February.
“Too many years, I don’t want to travel 50 miles to run this store and I have other businesses,” said Savas Deligiorgis.  He purchased the store in 1966, three years after arriving in the United States as a young diplomat. “I need less responsibility I have been at this store for forty-five years.”
Fit, clean-shaven and dressed casually in slacks and a tight black T-shirt, Deligiorgis said Wednesday he decided six months ago to sell.  He will now focus on his other obligations that include an auto-dealership, parking garage and a radio show.
Two buyers have expressed interest, but no sale has been made.
For now, Deligiorgis is clearing out and everything is on sale. Inside, the refrigerator that once held olives, feta cheese and grapevine leaves, is nearly bare.
On Wednesday morning, customers continued to walk into the shop, a sensor announced each arrival.
(source: mission local)



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