Greek Orthodox Community of America Renounced Anti-Semitic Statements by Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus

The anti-Semitic statements of Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus caused a lot of reactions and disappointed in the Greek Orthodox community of America. In an interview on Mega TV in Greece, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus blamed Jews for orchestrating the Holocaust and accused “world Zionism” of a conspiracy to enslave Greece and the Orthodox Church. The bishop also charged Jewish bankers with controlling international finance.

The Greek Archdiocese renounced the statements of the Metropolitan, as it considers them extremely offensive and completely rejectable. The Supreme President of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) Nick Karakostas, renounced the above mentioned statements and characterized them disgraceful, fanatic and unacceptable.



  1. Offensive or not, he was not wrong. Zionism and the international banking cartel go hand in hand. The Metropolitan knows history and knows the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  2. The Archbishop is entitled to his opinion and GREEKREPORTER should report that the Archbishop clarified his remarks saying he was condemning ZIONISM which is a a very real political philosophy that is often at odds with Hellenic isues.He was NOT condemning Judaism.

    In his clarification which are available on his website he calls the Holocaust the greatest crime in history.Lest we forget it was the American Jewish lobby that prevented and still prevents the U.S. Congress from formally recognizing the Armenian Genocide an the Greek Pontic Genocide among other things.

    The NY Times is responsible for breaking this "story" and it should be duly noted that the NY TIMES Editorial board is Anti-Hellenic and I suggest the "Supreme Leader"(insert joke here)of AHEPA do some research before calling a respected religious leader in Greece Anti-Semitic.They should be ashamed of themselves for delving into this controversy;it should have been ignored.

    We as Hellenes should work together to combat Anti-Hellenism in the world, which is just as prevalent as Anti-Semitism,if not more so.

  3. All credit to the man for being brave enough to stand up and speak the truth in this Zionist controlled world. He only said what many know to be the truth, but until now it has never been published in the main stream media.

  4. Pardon me, but Zionism and Judaism are the same thing. Let's not beat around the bush. And lets not for get that Judaism is Condemned by the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Zionist of today have no lineage with the Hebrews that were obliterated in 70 AD by Titus. The Yiddish of today, originated as converts to the godless faith. Jesus, the Christ, our Lord, and our God, even referred to them as the "Synagogue of Satan."

    Regarding the source that broke the story, The New York Times, "Hello!" Does it get any more Yiddish?

    Lets not forget history as well. This fight goes all the way back to St Vladimir the Great, who claimed Russia to be Orthodox. He defeated the Khazarian Talmudists and their Mystic Babylonian Kabalism, and with Byzantium to the south they were forced to eastern Europe. Later these Talmudists infiltrated an undisciplined Orthodox Russia, bringing the Zionist Jewish Bolshevik revolution by where they murdered 60,000,000 Orthodox Christians, and they created an Zionist Communist State as the USSR. These same Zionist Communists are the same people who gave you the numbers and information about the Holocaust in Germany, before the US ever got there. In 70 years they completely destroyed Russia by taking everything it had, for it was theirs by right as the 'covenant people of god.

    Russia, is just now showing great signs of economic strength, for instance unemployment is 6.7% versus the Yiddish US, the one that raises a Menorah on the White House lawn for Holy Nativity, instead of a Nativity, is 9.8%. Funny how the US Yiddish population is less than 2%.

    The ADL thinks it can bully the world, but the jig is up, and its all over the internet, esp in US. This is why the FCC, headed up by a Jewish Zionist, wants to control of the internet.

    • As Ukrainian orthodox I agree with you Brother — these scum will pay when Chridt returns. The jews are not true Semitic jews, these are khazars.

  5. Those same ones who condemn Metropolitan Seraphim for anti-semitism should read his announcement "I am an anti-zionist, not an anti-semitic" found on the Metropolis' website. Also, it is not correct to say "Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus blamed Jews for orchestrating the Holocaust." He did no such thing. He did, however, place some blame on a few specific families. I wish the Archdiocese in America and others would be a little more objective and not be so quick present themselves as heroes of "unity."

    • To the jew, ANTI-ZIONISM = ANTI-SEMITISM — but the Jews still are the same they always were — murderera of our Lord.

  6. The ferocity and overwhelming extent of the anti-semitism evidenced by Metropolitan Seraphim's idiotic comments and the support that his hateful, anti-Christian commentary has amongst the responders here is a sad reflection upon us as both Greeks and Orthodox Christians. Jesus taught us to "Love one another." He did not limit our love to those of our faith. Metropolitan Seraphim's comments could as well have been made by Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels or Heinrich Himmler as they orchestrated the Holocaust a few generations ago. I have heard the hatred over the years spilling from the lips of some of my Greek Orthodox brethren who see no contradiction between their irrational hatred of Jews and their worship of Jesus Christ, born and raised a Jew. We need to set aside our petty prejudices and recognize that each and every one of us, Jews and Gentiles alike, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, all of us, are God's children.

  7. This Metropiltan speaks truth !!! The Jews are perfidious murderrs of Christ and are a threat to our orthodox churches and presence in Israel.


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