Alexi Giannoulias On Same Sex Marriage

Alexi Giannoulias, Democratic nominee for US Senator, shares why he supports the freedom to marry for all, including people of the same sex. This is something that many of his supporters, and especially Greek-Americans may be opposed to. The Greek-American politician chose to be honest and he should be given credit for being brave to state his opinion on a difficult subject. He stated, “There may be many individuals that may not be happy with my particular stance”. The Greek Orthodox church does not allow, or support, same sex marriage. Giannoulias in the video continues “To me faith has always been less about how you treat God and more about how you treat people.”



  1. Good for him! Not only for his stance on equality, but for havingthe guts to say what that stance is! So often we see politics based on the fear of not being elected, instead of politicians being honest about their views!


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